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Ⅰ. Introduction.         

1960 saw the establishment of the Department of Economics. For about half a century, it has trained a large number of economic management talents for the whole nation, especially Hebei Province. The economics major puts emphasis on the study of economic theory and economic method, which is the characteristic of it. Economics major pioneers the dual tutorial system for undergraduates in our school. It focuses on students as the main body and emphasizes mutual promotion of teaching and learning. In 1997, a master's degree program was set up in economics major. In this major, the structure of teachers’ academic qualification is reasonable. And there are many teachers with senior titles and doctoral degrees or studying for doctoral degrees, and a strong teaching staff, forming good academic team. Supplemented by modern teaching methods and professional laboratory teaching, economics major carried out teaching on the basis of traditional teaching method. Relying on the "innovative experimental zone of economics talent training mode", this major adopts the "open" teaching and "practical" talent training mode. It focuses on advocating heuristic teaching and research-based learning to cultivate students’ spirit and ability of innovation.     

Ⅱ. Training objectives
This major cultivates compound and innovative students with strong national spirit and high sense of social responsibility; it cultivates students to master solid theoretical foundation of Marxist economics; it cultivates students to have a good command of modern western economic theories and modern economic analysis methods; it cultivates students with wide range of knowledge, and the ability to expand and infiltrate into relevant fields of economics. As a result, graduates can engage in economic management, propaganda, teaching and research in party and government departments at all levels, teaching and research institutions, enterprises and public institutions.          

Ⅲ. Training requirements
Students majoring in economics mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of economics, receive basic training in economic analysis, and master the basic ability of economic analysis and prediction. Graduates should master the following knowledge and ability:     

1. Master the basic theories and knowledge of Marxist economics and contemporary western economics.         

2. Master the relevant analysis methods of economics, methods of quantitative analysis and skills of related application analysis software.

3. Have strong abilities in learning, writing, expression, communication and cross-culture communication, as well as the ability in application of computer and IT.     

4. Be familiar with the national conditions and the basic guidelines, policies and regulations of national economic construction and reform.     

5. Understand the theoretical frontiers of economics and the major issues that need to be resolved in China's economic development and reform.     

6. Have some ability in the research of economics theory and practical work, as well as the ability of critical thinking.  

Ⅳ . Core courses    

Political Economy, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics, Finance, Money Banking, Accounting, History of Economic Theory, History of Economic Thought, Contemporary Chinese Economy, etc.     

V. Standard Duration: four years. 

Students can shorten or extend their years of study according to their own circumstances, and the duration of their studies is three to six years.

VI Degree conferred: Bachelor of Economics.