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Undergraduate Program

International economy and trade

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I. Introduction   

The Department of International Economics and Trade of Hebei University was founded in 1992. It was established under the background of China’s opening to the outside world to meet the needs of economic opening up and the cultivation of export-oriented economic talents. This major aims at training international economic theory analysis talents and international trade practical application talents, and highlights the features of compound talent training. So far, it has trained many outstanding graduates for the country. Among these graduates, some have embarked on leadership positions at all levels, and some have developed into experts, scholars or business backbones in the field of international economics and trade, which have exerted an important influence on society. At present, relying on this major, there are international trade master's degree authorization points and world economics doctorate degree authorization points. This major has an academic team with a reasonable structure and outstanding teaching and research capabilities. In terms of the education related structure, title structure, age structure, etc., an academic team is formed that is conducive to the development of professional disciplines. The teachers of this major have undertaken a number of important national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects for many years. They have published a number of valuable books and a large number of academic papers. And they have won a number of scientific research awards, which have had a good impact on the society.                       

II. Training Objectives
Students trained in this major can master Marxist economics theory and modern western economic theories, systematically master the basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills of international economics and trade, familiarize themselves with WTO rules and my China’s foreign trade policies and regulations, and understand contemporary development trend and variation trends of international economy and trade, understand the social and economic conditions of major countries in the world, have strong analytical research and practical operational capabilities, and cultivate compound, applied, and innovative professionals who can conduct research, analysis, planning and management in foreign-related economic departments, policy research departments, foreign-funded enterprises, and government agencies.       

III. Training Requirements

Students of this major mainly study the basic theories and professional knowledge of international economics and international trade, receive basic training in international economic analysis and international trade application capabilities, and have good qualities for international economics and international trade.After four years of study, students should meet the following requirements:      

1. Students should systematically master the basic theories and basic knowledge in the professional field of international economics and trade, and be familiar with the policies, regulations and basic rules of international economics and trade.      

2. Students should keep abreast of the frontier trends and development trends of international economic and trade, be familiar with the history of international economic and trade development, and be familiar with China's foreign economic development guidelines and policies.      

3. Students should have the ability to investigate and analyze the development trends of international economy and international trade using the theoretical knowledge learned.      

4. After the training of practical application ability, students should possess the practical operation ability of international business.

IV Core Courses

International Economics, Practice of International Trade, Modern Marketing, international Economic Law, International Investment and Management, International Settlement, Foreign Trade Correspondence, etc.

V. Standard Duration: four years. Students can shorten or extend their years of study according to their own circumstances, and the duration of their studies is three to six years.

VI. Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Economics